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What we do?

This website is run by Jasmin a double amputee and its aim is to help female amputees. We make photo and video productions to help amputees develop more self confidence. We show that despite an amputation the girls are still beautiful and have no need to hide.

To be a model on AmpgermanyRu:

  • Do you have an amputation?
  • Do you want to be a model on my website?
  • Please send an email to:

We offer:

  • Above-average payment
  • We pay all travel costs / food costs
  • We go to beautiful places (such as holiday islands or luxury hotels)
  • Privacy (filming in a comfortable environment so the model is at her ease)
  • We respect the wishes of our models regarding clothing ect.

Help Janna

Janna urgently needs your help. She lives in a small Eastern European country with bad social system. This means that they recieves only the simplest prosthesis by the geovernment and that she has to pay for things like liner or a modern knee by herself. Therefore Janna asks for your help . For each donation you get a small video, 5:20 minutes in length showing Janna in different outfits.
The amount of the grant You decide and then you get the downloadlink for this video within 24 hours.

Janna Video 5:20 min

Thank you,
yours sincerely Jasmin

What is coming in the next update?

You have the choice. Please vote what you like most. The outfit with the most numbers of votings will be published. Please vote only the pictures that you love most. The result of the voting is secret.